Thursday, September 9, 2010

Duct Tape Fun

Have you noticed the fun new duct tape that is out there these days?  No longer just plain, dull gray, strong sticky tape... now there's fun, colorful, strong sticky tape too!  I noticed the bright colors awhile ago but had no reason to make the purchase.

Then I saw this the other day and KNEW I could do something with it--

Hot Rod duct tape
PERFECT for Smarty Pants who loves all things cars.

This frame has been hanging out in a dusty box, ready for some sort of transformation--

Someone, who shall go unnamed, grabbed the frame and ran away with it while I was taking photos.
I left the greasy little fingerprints for authenticity's sake ;)

Add some Hot Rod duct tape--

Very easy with no mess... gotta love that!
And it's perfect for Smarty Pant's transportation-inspired room... which is slowly morphing into a race car-inspired room. 

Here are few other fun designs-

Hope they come out with more designs!

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