Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lace Vase

I always hear people rave about all the cool things that they find at

Home Goods,

but I've never found anything worth talking about...

until this weekend. 

To be honest, I hardly ever go because my boys don't like stores.

They love the double stroller...

but only if  it doesn't enter an establishment that sells things.

Go Figure.

Must be a guy thing. 

So it was my lucky day when both boys fell into a deep sleep in the car. 

After a quick transfer to the double stroller, I had a full hour to shop at my leisure--

Heaven on earth!

So here's what I found for our 2 alcoves that have been bare for almost a year--

Twin lace vases.

I need to find something to put in them.

Is there such a thing as "modern" sticks?