Thursday, September 16, 2010


It's official... I'm a Gleek.  I've been DVR-ing Glee since April and a couple of weeks ago decided it was time to find out what the hype is all about.  I'm always the last one to jump on the bandwagon.

The show is just plain FUN!  Singing, dancing, musical numbers, fun and crazy plotlines, nutty characters, witty dialogue-- L-O-V-E!

And the music is awesome.  To embrace my new gleekiness, I bought the Glee soundtracks-- volume 1 & volume 2 and have been playing them in my car nonstop.  Now the boys are starting to sing along too-- Thank goodness they're too young to "Oh, Mom..." me.

I also like how the fashions reflect the characters.  Some is crazy bad, but there's also a lot of stuff that I would wear-- even though I left high school a few eons ago :)

emma pillsbury
the always prim & proper guidance counselor

Finn & Quinn
finn - football player, nice guy, male lead for glee club, oft confused (and abused) guy
quinn - head cheerio (aka cheerleader), glee-clubber, soon to be baby's mama

amazing voice, neurotic, quirky, queen of the gleeks.  she looks great when she's not wearing the argyle sweaters and those short, plaid schoolgirl skirts.

Santana & Brittany
the other two cheerios in glee.  they're annoying but entertaining.  wonder if they'll ever tire of wearing those polyester uniforms  Probably not... Quinn's outfit is cute though.

Kurt Hummel
The biggest diva-- Love him.  And the scene where he's dancing to Beyonce in a unitard... had to watch it twice.

Will Schuester
I love Mr. Schue... he's cute, can sing & dance and honestly cares about the kids... Although he is a bit misguided at times... Oh well, about as close to a renaissance man as we're gonna get! :)

Sue Sylvester
Will's bullying archrival.  Although she is all kinds of crazy, I love her character... and only she could rock a track suit.  I crack up every time she gets angry with Will, then starts tossing students around... And the hair jokes are pretty funny too. 

So I have 8 more episodes to watch before the new season starts on September 21st... Eh, I probably won't have a problem catching up before then.

all photos via coolspotters