Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Life's a Picnik

I blogged about this awhile ago, but since I've been working on Happy Vee's

Wall Gallery

Yes, you heard me...
I actually put nail to wall this weekend! 
I know!

and there are a lot of empty frames...

I thought I'd revisit the photo editing awesomeness that is Picnik.

It's time to create some "frame-worthy" photos that reflect my little boy and his "Around the World" themed room 

For Happy Vee's Travel Inspired Room

I decided to mix a few travel photos with photos of the boys having fun TOGETHER.

 Because those are the memories that I want to highlight...
Er... certainly not the ones where one is crying and one is smiling with glee...
You know what I'm talking about??


Anyhow, as Happy Vee gets older and we travel more, I'll switch out the photos to ones that are more personal to him.  Sorry these are small, click on the photos to enlarge--

Other photos that I had fun playing around with:

When we visited the Santa Monica Pier on Labor Day, I took a few (amateur-ish) shots and fixed them up with Picnik--

Ew... now that I look at it, I should've cropped out that black rectangle (digital screen?) in the middle of the ferris wheel... Something like this--

And check out this butterfly photo (taken at Pismo Beach)--

So the software is fun and mostly free.  I say "mostly" because you can pay for "premium" which has more editing capabilities... but for many people, the basic and FREE plan is all they need since it has most of the more popular editing options. 

And no, I don't work for Picnik or know anyone that works for them... it's just a fun photo editing tool!