Thursday, February 2, 2012

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That's LOVE (period).
Fun and to the point.

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My Mantel

It's officially February, so I felt it was time to bring out the hearts, love and sparkles. No pink and red so far.  I'm good with that.

To create the backdrop, I cut-up several free Automobile Club Maps.  I cut them because I wanted a pieced-together look... plus, there's a lot of writing & AAA symbols on the maps-- didn't feel like advertising for them on my mantel.  :)

For glitter without the mess, I hand-cut the letters out of gold glitter paper...
best invention since double-sided tape
I used three 12x12 inch sheets.  Very economical at $0.69 per sheet.

ready to hang!

finally some gold to match our child-proof fireplace.

Shiny, shiny!

I found the globe ornaments at a Restoration Hardware outlet a couple of years ago.
They usually can be found on Happy Vee's dresser.  

The vases and candle holders are one-of-a-kind... literally. I made them several years ago and couldn't reproduce them if I tried.  If we were adrift at sea, they would also make good anchors (pottery joke)  :)

The yarn hearts match the globes and maps perfectly.  Love it when things work out like that.

A little heart "bling" for the candle pillars.

If you're wondering where my yarn words went... Lets just say that one moment it was a little loose, then the next... it was on the floor.  Was I upset?  Nope, not at all.  Just gave me a reason to create something else.  I'm not sure if it's just me, but keeping up with the blogs, Pinterest and other social media, sure does speed up time.  BB (before blogging) I'd leave stuff up for months, even years.  Now?  Two weeks and I'm tired of it and ready to move on.   It's a good/bad thing. Luckily the boys in my life don't seem to mind.  :)

Have a day!

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