Thursday, February 16, 2012

[Make] Paintable Yarn Bottles

After having so much fun making a huge mess with the glue & cornstarch mixture that I used for the yarn hearts and yarn words, I decided I needed MORE!  The texture of the hardened yarn is paintable, so I decided to create some yarn vases that I could pretty-up with a little paint.

A nice mix of texture and color.

Paintable Yarn Bottle Tutorial

Use a commercial fabric stiffener or create your own--  
mix together 4 oz white glue, 1/2 cup cornstarch &amp 1/4 cup warm water.

To create a seamless look, I tried not to cut the yarn.  
Since a long length of yarn can become unwieldy, it was easier to work in small sections.
Dip yarn in fabric stiffener and wring out by sliding 2 fingers down the length of the yarn.

Start wrapping around the bottle

Let dry until stiff (it took around 24 hours for mine to dry).

Then get ready to paint-- Pretty much the sky's the limit! And you don't HAVE to paint them.  You can just let the yarn and bottles speak for themselves. 

Alright, that's the last of my yarn and starch projects.  I had a ton of fun with the cornstarch "goop", but it sure was messy.  I made these a few weeks ago and I'm still finding splotches of starch on my countertops... Oops!  :)

Have a great week!

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