Sunday, February 5, 2012

[Make] Ninja-Pop Valentines

This weekend I was busy making the boys' classroom valentines.  Smarty Pants requested ninjas, so with a little help from a purchased clip art set, I created these fun cards--

I also created a non-photoshop version...
Ninja-Pop Valentines

the following is needed:
lollipops (I used tootsie pops)
black tissue paper, cut into 5x5 inch squares
black pipe cleaner, cut into 3 inch pieceswhite paper (for the eyes)
black pen (for eyes)
hole punch
photo editing software
ninja clipart ($5) from kelly medina studios on etsy (Or if you can draw, just sketch it and run it through a scanner or copier)

Wrap the tissue paper square around the lollipop and secure it with a 3-inch piece of pipe cleaner-

Cut-out the white "mask" and draw in the eyes-
okay, seriously... how cute are all these little eyes?

Create the card in photo shop or another editing software.  For an Asian flare, I used this free font. The Chinese character is "love" (or at least that's what I think it is)  :)

Punch a hole in the "neck" of the ninja and insert the lollipop.  Secure the stick on the back of the card with tape.

Hi Yah!

Yah Tah!

If you'd prefer a non-photo shop version, you can make the ninja's legs and arms out of pipe cleaners. I initially was going to do this, but since I need to make over 40 of these, I decided to "cheat" with the clip art instead--

i think kids would have fun arranging the ninja kicks & chops.

Next up:  Personalized Super Hero Pops for Happy Vee

I just finished about 50 of these ninja valentines. The lengths you go for your kids... and the lengths you go to avoid buying commercial.  Tiring, but worth the effort!

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