Friday, May 25, 2012

[Make] Press N Seal Stenciled Pillow

An alternative to the Freezer Paper Stencil!  

Which for the life of me... I CANNOT find.   Several months ago, when I decided that a freezer paper stencil project was in my future, I stocked up on what I "thought" was freezer paper.  I bought Press'n Seal Freezer instead.  It said "freezer" so I just went with it.

Skip forward to today... I was all ready to go when I discovered that I bought the wrong thing.  But when I read on the box that it "seals to plastic, paper, metal, wood and many other surfaces", I decided to see if it'd work on fabric too.  And, amazingly, it worked! It also has a few perks over freezer paper-- The Press'n Seal Freezer stencil can be reused, the plastic is sturdy and easy to cut, AND there is no ironing involved.

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Press'n Seal Freezer Stencil Tutorial

Materials Needed:

Press'n Seal Freezer (I have not tried the regular Press'n Seal and cannot vouch for it)
Pen to draw design
Piece of Cardboard
Fabric Paint (I used Martha Stewart's multi surface craft paint in Deep Sea & Argent Sterling-- love this stuff!)
Foam Sponge
Pillow Case or Fabric

Lay the Press'n Seal on a self-healing mat, face down with the slightly sticky side touching the board (the writing will be on the top).  For perspective, my pillow is 17 X17 inches.

Draw your design onto the Press'n Seal.

Cut out your design using an Exacto knife

Place the stencil on the pillow case.  The adhesive on the Press'n Seal will still work if you need to reposition.  Press down the edges around the design before painting.

 Place a piece of cardboard behind the fabric (or inside the pillow case). Sponge on the fabric paint a little at a time until desired coverage is reached.

Peel off Stencil and let dry completely.


This was an easy and quick project... the best kind!  I have a few more "old" pillows that I will be rehabbing soon.  Stay tuned!

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