Friday, May 4, 2012

[Party] DIY Glitter Party Cups

It's seems that with every party I plan, I get a little obsessed about something.  This time... it's nut cups.  Yep.  Good ol' nut cups that I won't be serving nuts in.  So I did my usual research on Etsy and found several options, but with shipping and handling, they're pretty pricey for what they are.  So I decided to DIY it.

I found a package of small cups at a discount party store for $4 and I already had the glue and glitter... So I really couldn't justify spending $14 for almost the same thing. Besides, lets face it, 6 year old boys could  care less what the cups look like.  :)

This was an easy project and gave me a chance to play with glitter.  Not often that you get to pull out the glitter for a boy's party, so I took full advantage!

Glitter Cup Instructions

For straight lines, I cut a foam brush to size and dipped it in glue (I used mod podge)
For the dots, I used the back of a pen.

sprinkle on a fine glitter...

and tap off the excess.
When the glue is dry, use a soft paint brush to remove any wayward glitter.

This will be a fun addition to our upcoming Space Party.

Have a good weekend!

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