Thursday, May 3, 2012

Misty May

Southern California is known for sun and surf, but in May and June, the coast is usually hit with overcast and gray.  I actually don't mind the change, but after two weeks of mist, I'm starting to feel a little sun deprivation-- yawn!  So you'll have to excuse me for my lack of posts lately.  I'm just sleepy... blame it on the May Gray!  Here's what's been keeping me going...

pacifica perfume in hawaiian ruby guava ~ one whiff takes me to a sandy beach on Kauai.
republic of tea pineapple guava 100% white tea ~ this also takes me to a warm, tropical place where drinks are served in coconut shells.
burt's bees super glossy lip shine in sweet pink ~ moisturizing and it tastes good too!
lucky brand colorful sofia capri jeans in tropical berry ~ wearing bright colors is an instant mood enhancer... and people can see you in the fog!  It's a safety thing. :)
50 Shades of Grey trilogy - I know... controversial and definitely not for the faint of heart.  Basically an easy read romance novel with a dark twist.  Or as my friend aptly put it, "it's R-rated Judy Blume!". The topic may alarm some in book one, but I think the story becomes more interesting in books two & three.  How's that for saying something without really saying anything?  They're supposedly casting for the movie though... How they film it?  I don't know. ;)

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