Thursday, May 31, 2012

[Weekender] The One With... Drippy Purple Cars, Lunch Counters and Baseball at Petco Park

We spent our Memorial Day Weekend in San Diego.  It was a truly relaxing weekend with beautiful weather and very little crowds... at least in the places that we frequented.

The New Children's Museum is usually busy on weekends, but it was surprisingly calm and peaceful this past weekend.  We spent 3 hours there on Saturday.  The boys painted a car, played with clay, made scratch art, climbed on things, and basically had a great time.
modern art!  ;)

Me relaxing on a bench while the kids took their energy out on a play structure inside the museum. It was so peaceful in there, I could've easily taken a nap.  But instead I was playing Words with Friends... my latest addiction.

On Sunday, we went to The Park at Petco Park to play a little baseball.  When the Padres are away, the park is usually open to the public. There's a lot of green space to have picnics and even a little playground for younger kids.  The highlight for us is the kid-size baseball diamond.  We struck up an impromptu game with some other baseball loving families.

Gotta love Smarty Pants and his "game face".
he looks like he's trying to kill the ball!

After playing for a couple of hours, we were hungry and headed over to Lucky's Lunch Counter which is just down the street from Petco Park.  What a great find and I love the retro-inspired decor.  The food was good too.  We enjoyed the spicy dogs, homemade kettle chips and veggie burger. Next time we're going to try their breakfast.

how cute is the condiments tray?

And that was our long weekend.  Unbelievable that summer is just around the corner!!

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