Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Celebrating Culture - India

Our kids are a quarter Indian, as well as 1/4 Chinese,  1/4 Japanese and 1/4 Okinawan-- So if they were an item on a menu, we'd probably call them "Asian Melting Pot". ☺ One day, when they can sit on the plane for 20 hours and can handle jet lag relatively well, I'd love to take them to the Far East.  But until then, we'll just enjoy a good Indian meal or two and take photos of the kids sporting their kurtas.

those flip flops really add to the outfit, no?
We have some distant relatives in India, something along the lines of "3rd cousins twice-removed", but they are a thoughtful bunch who always send gifts for the kids.  We've collected 10 kurtas so far, in various sizes and colors, so I thought I'd break out a couple so the kids could try them on for size.

The photo session did not start off well...

Ironically, Happy Vee was not happy with his outfit. He yelled "too tight!", then laid on the ground and refused to move (aka "the boneless maneuver").  Come to think of it, he spends a lot of time on the ground these days... Gotta love the 2's!

Smarty Pants said "This itches Mommy!  Remember, I want to be a race car driver for Halloween!" then gave me his best "I'm miserable, you can't make me smile"  look... Gotta love the 4's!

Then the spirit of Bollywood kicked in...


There was dancing, leaping, arms flapping, even rapping...  Unfortunately, my kids made me rap "bust a move"... It's one of their favorites from the Glee soundtrack. I need to start skipping over that one before they start asking what "bust a move" means....