Friday, October 29, 2010

Cute Food

There are a ton of blogs devoted to cute food... 

happy little bento
love the turkey dog mummy and that little candy corn quail egg is adorable

little nummies
i may have to try this one... maybe in race car form

 jim's pancakes
this dad makes the coolest pancakes for his daughter!

these cute little "cheese burgers" are actually macarons!

I struggle enough just getting food ON the table, so making food look cute is pretty low on my "must do" list.  But then I got sucked in by these egg molds when a friend posted photos of her cute food on facebook. 

and look, you can even do rice!

I tried to rationalize the purchase by convincing myself that Smarty Pants (my little non-eater... he literally survives on just air) may be enticed to pick-up food if it's shaped like a car.  It sorta worked, he picked up the car-shaped egg, vroomed around... then took one bite and was full.  Ah well, baby steps...

I suppose I can use these for a future party... I don't think my boys will be growing out of their car phase any time soon.

Have a great weekend!