Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Garden Party

We celebrated my mom's 70th birthday with a Fall Garden Party-- The perfect theme for the lovely lady with the greenest thumb of all.  I really wanted to do something special for my mom because she ALWAYS does so much for us and never asks for anything in return.  She has always been my anchor and is an incredible role model.  I'm a lucky girl!

My mom doesn't like a lot of hoopla, so I kept it simple, but I incorporated some fun details too!

{The Dining Room Table}

i went a little photo happy... i can't help it that plants are so photogenic!

a closer look at the runner, which is actually a couple sheets of moss.

 {The Place Setting Comes Together}

plate decorated with doily & decorative paper
napkin decorated with twine & fabric flower

add sedum in terra cotta pot covered with burlap...

add paper butterfly (glued on wire) and we're done!

{The Kid's Table}

we didn't have enough seating for everyone at the dining room table, so the kids got to hang out at their own table i think they prefer it that way!

{The Appetizer Table}

the light was starting to fade, so i quickly took this shot.
the bowls were eventually filled with pita chips and a couple of dips from trader joes
(their jalapeno pub cheese is yum!)

we also served a warm cheese dip, chips and homemade salsa and an assorted cheese tray.

{The Food Table}

fading light again, so i took this photo earlier in the day

a closer look at the handmade paper flowers.
these turned out so pretty, but they did try my patience...

On the menu...
beef tenderloin with roasted shallots
(yum, yum, yum! this one's a keeper)
(if you like salmon, try this recipe! and if you don't know what furikake is, see
chicken fettucine alfredo
roasted asparagus
chinese chicken salad

{The Dessert Tray}

the dessert tray is decorated with small doilies and fabric flowers
the doilies were dyed using passion (pink) and chai (rust) teas

and with desserts...
tiramisu, chocolate ganache, opera cake
(remind me never to get a job cutting cake... i butchered a few pieces!)

 {The Favors}

the ladies & girls each received a flower pin when they arrived

everyone also took home a potted plant

Everyone had a great time and surprisingly, I'm not thoroughly exhausted.  Either I'm getting better at planning these parties, or the espresso in the tiramisu is kicking in!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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