Thursday, October 21, 2010


I'll be honest, I'm not a big fan of Halloween decor.  Bats? Nah.  Spiders? Ew.  Skeletons? Scary!  Black, orange, purple? All fine colors on their own... but mixed together?  Meh.  

I know, I'm the scrooge of Halloween-- I guess that makes me a... "rotten pumpkin" (?) Wait a minute...

I LOVE Pumpkins!

 and being ever so practical...
i love how they can easily transition over to thanksgiving!

Here are some fun PUMPKIN creations that have caught my eye...

{Glittered Pumpkin Candle Holders}
the glittered pumpkins really give the tablescape a luxe and elegant look
i really like how these are made out of a foam pumpkin and can be reused year after year

{Washi Tape Pumpkins}
another fun way to use washi tape!

{Pumpkin Fireplace}
seriously? this is amazing!

{Pumpkin Tree}
another clever idea

{Spray Painted Pumpkins}
i'm a sucker for anything shiny

{Mini Pumpkin Wreath}
i adore this wreath.

{Modge Podge Pumpkins}
i love the elegant paper that she chose

{White Pumpkins}
will i ever tire of looking at things coated with white spray paint?  probably not :)

{pumpkin topiary}
this is just lovely

We went to the farm the other week and I now how 6 pumpkins lined up waiting for some sort of direction.
Hmmm... maybe a project for Thanksgiving! 

Have a great Friday!