Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Paint Chip Bandito

I think paint chips are the unofficial upcycle medium for 2010.  I wonder if the folks at Home Depot (or Sherwin-Williams, or Dunn Edwards, or Lowes, etc) are on to it?  I mean, where else does the general populace get paint chips from?  So if you're doing a paint chip project, do you just casually saunter over to the paint section every time you happen to be there?  Inquiring minds want to know!  ;)

I won't be jumping on this bandwagon (just as I avoided desecrating any books last year*), but there are some pretty creative ideas out there!

 gift tags via Real Simple

 bookmarks via How About Orange

how neat (and tedious), but so cool! 
pixelated artwork via re-nest

paint chip mobile via etsy

have you seen these ads?  they always catch my eye... but of course i didn't remember that it was an ad for sherwin- williams until i googled it.
 paint chip art via sherwin-william ad campaign

hmmm... i think this is the work of a paint chip bandito!
500 paint chip wall via apartment therapy

So no, I will not be joining the ranks of the paint chip banditos... but I've already started wrapping Christmas gifts (!).   According to The Mister, that's a crime in itself! (don't worry, I'll lose steam and will be running around like a crazy person on Christmas Eve).

* In 2009, after this creation went viral, innocent books were being ripped out of their bindings at an alarming rate... Being a lit major and all, I just couldn't do it!  (I'm kidding... sorta.... )