Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fall 2011 : Currently Trending

Are you embracing any of this years Fall Trends?

I love Fall clothes so I'll probably pick up a couple of pieces if they meet my criteria-- My rule of thumb: If it's versatile, fits well and is figure-flattering, then it's a go.  If it doesn't hit any of those marks, then it's not a trend worth following!

[Colorful Denim]
via agjeans

I've been trying to avoid this trend for a while... way too many 80's flashbacks for me (I had a great pair of red "chemin de fer" in 4th grade-- remember that brand?).  But truth be told, I'm kinda bored of my jeans and cargos.  Maybe just one pair?

via jcrew

A little too office conservative for me, but with the right material-- light and airy, I might go pleats.  But since I don't see myself wearing dreamy dresses while tending to the kiddos, it would have to be something that I could wear for a special occasion.


I embrace a good loaf. I don't aspire to be lazy or anything.  Just very, very idle. Like bread.  Loafers and I will get along very well... especially if they're soft and comfy and come in pretty colors.

via h&m

Although I've worn this length in the past, I think I'm going to avoid it this time around.  Let's just face it, when you're short and approaching mid-life, now's not the time to emphasize that you're "short and approaching mid-life".  Now if you're a spring chicken and tall as a model, I say "Go for it!"

[Color Block]
Perhaps if the right outfit fell into my lap, I might consider it.  Just no red, white and black combos... too 80's for me!

[Leopard Print]

In the past, I received leopard print clothes as gifts, but truth be told, I never wore them-- A little too much cat for me. A leopard-print accessory though? Just the right touch.