Tuesday, September 27, 2011

[this→that] - unconventional light fixtures

Baskets?  Pots?  Jars?  Birdcages?  Not the first things that I think of when considering lighting for my home.  Here are some creative and economical conversation pieces that bring light and whimsy into a space-

[birdcage chandelier via jesyka ditri :: buy similar here]

[wire basket pendant via the virginia house :: another diy here via ashley ann photography :: buy similar here]

[ceramic bowl pendant via country living :: purchase similar here]

[wicker basket light via house to home :: diy here via two ellie]

[wind turbine pendant lights via design sponge :: buy similar here]

[ikea pot pendant via var-dags-rum]

[mason jar lights :: another tutorial here via kara paslay designs :: buy similar here]

I'm not one to mess with wires and electricity, but with the hanging light kits that can be purchased at hardware stores (and ikea), pretty much the sky's the limit-- collanders, tupperware, doily art, tin cans with pin holes... I think I've seen it all.  If you want it hanging from your ceiling, it's possible!  When it comes to installation though, be safe and hand it over to a professional electrician.  No need to look like this ;)--