Saturday, September 17, 2011

Weekly Inspiration ~ 9.17.2011

This week I was inspired by...

i've been looking for ideas on how to use glass microbeads... i love this idea of using them to decorate cards and gift tags.
[glass microbead tags and cards via pugly pixel]

the contrast is stunning, and i really like the natural design on the wallpaper.
[wallpapered chest of drawers via swoon worthy]

i'm a beach girl at heart, so these painted surf art prints appeal to me. very clever to make them look like polaroid photos! 
[polaroid paintings via magic markings art]

i love books, i love succulents... of course i love this centerpiece!
[succulent book planter via what lauren loves :: project by green wedding shoes :: as seen on pinterest]

great idea to spruce up a string of christmas lights
[origami lights tutorial via freshly picked]

love the 3d aspect, how creative!
[painted wood scrap wall art via salvage love :: as seen on how about orange]

It's been a little hectic the past few weeks and the blog has been somewhat on autopilot.  I appreciate all the comments and I hope to catch up with everyone this week.

So what's been going on?  School and illness.  Lets start with school.

Smarty Pants started school a couple of weeks ago.  He was anxious about starting Kindergarten, but after the first day he proudly proclaimed that he just "LOOOOOOVES" school.  He just completed his second week and the love is still there.  Phew, big sigh of relief!

So while Smarty Pants was thoroughly enjoying his new endeavors, his 3 year old brother was left a little lost and confused. So I had to be the stand-in brother-- I was playing lots of bubbles, play doh, trucks and was even coaxed into riding my 5 year olds scooter (thank goodness I didn't break it!)   He adores his big brother and looks to him for all things fun, rambunctious and naughty.  Luckily Happy Vee starts preschool this coming week and he's really looking forward to it (we did a trial run on Thursday and he had a great time!).  Just need to work on the potty training... Gah!

We also had a nasty stomach bug that passed through our home of the 24 hour variety.  Lysol and I are now good friends. Thank goodness it's on its way out-- you remember that pie eating scene in the movie Stand by Me?  I shall elaborate no further.   Both are on the mend and hopefully everyone will be healthy (the boys) and well-rested (me) by Monday.

Hope you're having a great weekend!