Saturday, September 3, 2011

Weekly Inspiration ~ 9.3.2011

This week I was inspired by...

modern stained glass -- after a little research, i found that this photo is of the Glory Window from the Thanks-Giving Square Chapel in Dallas, TX.  According to their website, the 60-foot-high ceiling is "one of the largest horizontally mounted stained-glass pieces in the world."
[stained glass spiral via img fave :: as seen on pinterest :: original photographer unknown]

abstract art-- although it looks like your toddler (or pet elephant) could easily whip-up some abstract art, there's actually technique involved.  i'm considering trying this for our family room...
[abstract art tutorial via oh happy day]

cool paper lanterns-- remember in junior high, you and a group of your friends would fold up these little paper contraptions, then write down important stuff under each flap-- boys names, numbers, etc.  and after a few finger shuffles you would know who your future husband would be, how many kids you would have, and where you would be living?  well take that paper contraption and glue it to a paper lantern.  pretty cool, huh.
["fortune teller" (aka cootie catcher) light pendant via 3 r's blog]

stenciled curtains-- i was just eyeing the ballard design drapes that these are modeled after.  i never would've thought to used a stencil on curtains.  clever!
[stenciled drapes via home stories a to z]

this large painting... which i originally though was a photograph of a patio cover. it gives the room a light and airy feel.
[photo via design*sponge :: santore/ferus home]

Hope you're having a nice weekend!