Thursday, September 22, 2011

[Organize] Nail Head Memo Board

A Family Memo Board has been on my to-do list for a while.  I was so happy (and relieved) when The Mister hung it up the night before school started.  Now I don't feel so lost in the sea of paperwork that seems to accompany the beginning of each new school year.  If I'm not sure where I have to be, and when, I just have to consult with the handy dandy Memo Board. It knows everything... I think.

the 24x36 board fits nicely on the short wall between  my pantry and kitchen

for the record: 
112 silver tacks to line the edges (1 tack/inch)
4 burnished gold large square tacks for the corners
72 burnished gold tacks for "memo"
the metal framed corkboard is from costco and cost $14
the fabric is from joanns


There are several Nail Head/Upholstery Tack Memo Board tutorials out there, so instead of creating another one, I'll just link to one-- [HERE].


i used silver tacks around the edges and large burnished gold square tacks to accent the corners

using this nail head typography as inspiration, i spelled out "memo" with burnished gold tacks

now imagine this board, buried under several layers of paper... perfect!

Where did this week go?  Have a great Friday!


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