Wednesday, December 21, 2011

[Home] Christmas 2011

I kept the Christmas decor simple this year.  Here's a little glimpse around our home--

:: the living room ::

the reindeers look at home with the mossy topiary.

rocks in a jar and branches taken from an old arrangement-- perfect!

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:: the family room & kitchen ::

our family room mantel. the felt star & felt snowflake garland were created last year.

our santa photo collection... except for the 2 years that i can't find (a duplicate & this year's christmas card are standing in).  i'll probably find them when i'm putting away the holiday stuff.

our advent calendar was created by a dear family friend.  this one is around 15 years old and i also have the original one from my childhood... the ornaments really reflect the times. i should hang-up the 70's version too!

the silver-leafed pinecones are the perfect addition to our kitchen table.

:: the tree ::

Our tree is right smack-dab in the middle of our house... the first thing you see when you walk in the front door and the last thing you see before walking up the stairs to bed.
didn't quite get a chance to decorate the top of the tree... that's the mister's job tonight. :)

my little beaded wire tree. a labor of love... lost several fingernails over this one!

our split-personality tree... can you see the division?
the half of the tree facing the family room has our "fun" multi-colored ornaments...

and the half of the tree facing the entry is decked out in white & silver.
whatever works, right? 

Can you believe we're in the final stretch?  Just four more days until Christmas!  This morning I did my first and last Christmas shopping trip to the mall.  Easy to park and not crowded at all (although by the time I left it was starting to fill up).  Now I just need to stop procrastinating (aka get off the computer) and finish wrapping everything up.

Have a good one!