Thursday, December 8, 2011

[Make] 6 Elegant & Simple Ornament Projects

Last year I started a Christmas decor make-over, changing from a burgundy & gold theme to white & silver. I wasn't about to buy ALL new decorations, so I knew it would be an ongoing annual DIY project.

A few things were completed last year--

3 ornaments were felted...

1 tree was completed... 

a couple of decorations were painted...

and then Christmas came in a hurry and that was that.  

So fast forward a year and the little bell that sometimes goes off in my head rang-- *ding*.  While I've tackled many projects, I haven't done much with the Christmas tree ornaments!  So this week I've been busy-- I unearthed the boxes of old ornaments from the depths of my closet, readied the materials and got to work.

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Simple Ornament Restyle
("simple" is the key word here)

beaded silicon ornaments

first i covered clear & chrome ornaments with a coat of mod podge...

then i rolled the ornaments in silicon beads...

you know, the silicon beads that are usually found in these packages-- please tell me i'm not the only one who saves random stuff (?)

it's possible the silicon beads (aka silica gel) will change color over time (to amber), but that will make these all the more interesting in years to come.

after the glue dried, i topped them off with a coat of krylon glitter spray. it adds a little sparkle and will hopefully help keep all those little beads in place.


bead-wrapped ornaments
take a strand of beads and wrap it around an ornament.  i found my beads in the holiday section of joanns; mardi gras necklaces will also work.  
not sure if you can tell, but i attempted a chevron pattern on the ornament on the left.  
i used a hot glue gun to glue down the beads.


rhinestone snowflake ornaments
you can buy rhinestones and glue them on... or you can "cheat" and get the adhesive ones like me 
(they're in the sticker section at joanns).
super easy and it was fun coming up with snowflake patterns.


pearl bead ornament

the easiest project of the bunch... no glue or paint needed!

take some cheap pearl beads (i found these at a discount party store for $1) and feed them into a clear ornament.  it took 5 strands of these mini bead necklaces to fill a standard-size ornament.


felt pinecones
full details in this post


glass feather ornament
okay, maybe this is the easiest of the bunch... 
see details here

Phew! I'm feeling better about having enough ornaments to cover the tree... but we have YET to put up our Christmas tree.  Aaaah!  I think tonight's the night.  As Smarty Pants like to say "Good grief, Mom!" (my boys love Charlie Brown).  Have a good one!

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