Wednesday, December 28, 2011

[Year in Review] My Favorite Projects in 2011

So yesterday I shared my top visited posts in 2011.  Now here are MY favorite projects from this year. Some were very easy, and some a bit more complex (ahem... birthday party!), but they each remind me of special moments throughout the year.

the mister liked the bottle & wheat display and even voiced disappointment when i took it down to put up the christmas decorations... i took a mental note because i don't think he's ever noticed anything on our mantel before!  :) 

smarty pant's 5th birthday... my little guy is growing up (sniff!)

the zzzz's sorta worked... he sleeps half of the night in this bed, and the rest camping out in a sleeping bag at the base of our bed.  as long as i'm not being woken up, i'll take it!

i love how this turned out.  it made a great runner for our thanksgiving table.

these were a fun memento for Chinese New Year. everyone really enjoyed the personal fortune... and the chocolate that i stuffed in there.

this now sits on our kitchen table.  it adds just the right natural/contemporary vibe... and the kids have yet to pick it apart.

i don't know why i like these.  they're kinda strange, yet interesting in a green, earthy way... nuff said.

this hangs in happy vee's room.  although he now refuses to sleep in his bedroom, he does like to swing the door back and forth to make the birds fly.  i think it's the perfect touch for his "around the world" themed room.  now we just need to get him back in there!

these guys have fared well... and with two boys, that's saying a lot.   much, much better than the floral boxes that formerly graced their rooms.

these are a great addition to the tree.  sadly, they will be put away soon... very soon.  :)