Saturday, December 31, 2011

[Year in Review] Favorite 2011 Memories

When the year draws to an end, I alway find myself reflecting upon the year gone by. Here's a run down of my favorite memories in 2011.

"A Padawan you will be" -- spoken with Yoda's accent

Smarty Pants starting Kindergarten & Happy Vee starting Preschool
they both love school and have learned & matured a lot in the past few months.

Getting my craft on...

seriously, i don't know where all that energy came from in november & december-- 21 projects in 1.5 months.  now i need to refocus that energy into putting the finishing touches in our master & the boys' rooms... not to mention the office, craft room & garage (gah!)

Smarty Pants playing basketball
i may complain about our weekends being taken over by practice & games, but boy is it fun to watch a bunch of 5 year olds play ball! love his "game" face. 

Happy Vee and his antics...
this little guy is full of character & has the greatest delivery... our little comedian. he convincingly told the skateboard's much older owner to "go get food... it's really good", then, when the boy was out of sight, snuck in some skateboard playing time.  future politician? (eek)

Solvang and our Friends' Rustic Wedding

Lots of reading... for the 2nd year in a row thanks to my Kindle & my new Kindle Fire
when you have to sit with children as they go to sleep, you tend to have a lot of quiet time!

Thanks so much for following along with me this year. I have a lot of new ideas in store for next year.  May 2012 be full of good health, lots of creativity and great times with family and friends.