Saturday, September 1, 2012

[The Look] Enzo Mari Prints

I've had my eye on these Enzo Mari prints since I saw them on the September 2011 cover of Martha Stewart Living. They are fun, modern and can liven up a neutral space with a big pop of color. Not only that, these prints have longevity; they were first published in the 1960's and are still current today.

Unfortunately the large square prints won't work in my kitchen-- I have just two narrow blank walls on which to decorate. So I started looking around and found some prints by avalisa at that not only create the same effect but are much less hazardous on the pocketbook.

So I was very close to pulling the trigger on these fun prints, then decided to get buy-in from The Mister.  Long story short, he wasn't sold.  Sometimes I wish he didn't have an opinion about these kinds of things... but after 10 years together, I know his opinion matters. :)  So back to the drawing board... Actually I have a back-up plan and he's onboard with that one.  I'll be sharing soon!

Hope you're having a terrific long weekend!

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