Thursday, September 6, 2012

They're in School! and a Sneak Peek

Today was the first day of school for my now 1st grader and preK-er.  Yahoo!  They were both SO excited for school to start.  Smarty Pants woke up this morning and proclaimed (actually yelled)-- "Yay, I get to go to school!".  This was Happy Vee's first day at a new school and a new routine, so I wasn't sure how he would react. But he wasn't phased at all-- he jumped out of the car and dawdled off to PreK without looking back.  Not even one glance. (Don't worry, he made it there with an escort). I think I was the only anxious one.  :)  But  I'm so glad we are back on schedule.  Summer was wonderful, but IT IS TIME!

Somehow, in my drive to get everyone up, fed, and out the door on time, I forgot to take First Day photos.  Apparently my body was up, but the brain... not so much.  So here's a picture from yesterday's informal  "meet the teacher & classmates" day.  

They look a little stiff because I just told them to stay still.  They always think I'm making a movie!
I may try to stage a "first day reenactment" photo... but knowing my boys, that probably won't go over too well.  ;)

Every morning I will have 3 hours of "alone" time.  Hmmmm...  What will I do with that free time?  Here's the plan-- First organize and finally get around to my Spring cleaning (better late than never, right?); Finish up a bunch of home projects (see below); And then hopefully start some new fun projects (oh the possibilities!).  And I need to squeeze in some exercise too-- swimming while it's still warm, walking and maybe a class or two.  I'm not a gym person so I like to keep it simple.

Here's one of the home projects that has been on my mind for quite a while now. I finally found the pieces that I like and just need to hang them up--

I'll share more once I figure out the best way to do that!

Hope you're having a nice day!

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