Friday, September 14, 2012

[The Look] Basket Wall Display

I love the look of beautiful baskets artfully arrange on a wall.  With an assortment of textures, colors and shapes they are versatile and can enhance a variety of styles-- From rustic and natural; to clean and contemporary; to bold and modern.  Whatever your style, baskets as wall art definitely adds character to a space.

basket wall display via bloomingville
their catalog is amazing... I think I want everything in it!

Here are more Basket Wall Display ideas --

modern black & white "embrace" baskets from rwanda via house beautiful

rustic makenge basket wall art via interiors magazine june/july 2009 issue

colorful basket display via vt wonen  :: as seen on casa sugar

graphic & contemporary tonga baskets via west elm

colorful fair winds rwanda baskets via macys

contemporary decorative bowl wall art via west elm

makenge african basket via room and board

After coveting basket "wall art" for a while now, I decided to go for it.  At first I was thinking of doing a display over the living room mantel (still may do that), but I decided that I wanted something eye-catching  and unique for the busiest room in our house-- the kitchen.

For the kitchen nook, I chose to use Tonga and Binga Baskets that were handwoven by traditional village weavers in Africa.  With their natural texture, neutral colors and graphic patterns, they add a beautiful and unique quality to an otherwise bland area.  I think these baskets do a great job of adding interest without overwhelming the narrow wall space.

I purchased these baskets online and had a really great buying experience. I also have some basket hanging tips to share. I'll be back later with the full details.

Have a nice weekend!

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