Thursday, September 20, 2012

[Weekender] The One that Done Me In

I'm under the weather this week.  Still chugging along, but at a snail's pace.  I hate to sound like a damsel, but the 100+ degree heat and 8 hours in the sun over the weekend about did me in!  I woke up on Monday with fever blisters and a swollen face.  Now if that isn't purdy, I don't know what is!  ;)

The only relief on the soccer field where I volunteered this weekend... The tiny little shadow from a lamppost--
At first I thought my feet got a super tan, but then I realized that they were just covered in dirt.

The only thing that kept me lucid at my 2-hour, extreme heat, no shade, volunteer stint was getting to carry a walkie-talkie.  Made me walk with my shoulders back, all full of pride and stuff-- glorified mall security guard syndrome.  Kidding! But I did call in an injury to the EMT, so that made me feel that standing in the inferno, sweating like a prize fighter, looking like a dork wearing a fluorescent yellow vest that was so big that it covered my shorts and made me look like all I had on was a yellow vest with nothing under it <shudder>, was worth it.  I wish that I can say that I paid my volunteer dues, but I have to do it again in a few weeks.  Why didn't I get lucky and get chosen to plan the end-of-season party? Or make the team banner? Pray for snow.  :)

10-4 over and out!

So what does a little fella do when his mom is out of commission and his brother is at school? Fun Straws! These were a gift that I didn't quite get at first... but now I understand.... Aaah, FUN STRAWS!

This is so up Happy Vee's alley-- playing with water and straws. What more can a 4 year old ask for?  He spent at least an hour constructing different straw designs and drank a lot of water. No chance of dehydration with Fun Straws!

And the design got even more intricate when his brother came home--

All good. Except for the milk part, which they helped themselves to when I was outside talking to the landscaper... which then hit the deck... but then they cleaned it up... sorta... But hey, it kept them entertained for a good bit.

Anyhow, I haven't done a thing this week besides the minimum-- feed offspring, shuttle offspring around, and make sure said offspring take a bath and brush their teeth. Bare minimum.  I hope to get around to some Fall crafts in the next week or two. Wish me luck!

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