Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Book Talk - Mad Kindle Love

I'm a book lover all the way around-- I love hanging out in book shops and libraries, love looking at the books displayed in our bookcase, and even love the musty smell and yellowed, tattered pages of an old, well-loved book.  Even as a kid, I always had my head buried in a book-- when my mom wasn't kicking me out the door to get some fresh air. So when people started buzzing about Kindle, Amazon's wireless reading device, I was a little skeptical... to say the least.  I mean, how could something plastic and electronic replace the look and feel of a REAL book??

So this past Christmas I received a Kindle2 as a present from my In-laws-- I was curious and very skeptical.  Fast forward 2 months and 6 books later... I Absolutely LOVE my Kindle.  Here are some of the reasons why:
  1. It's amazingly user friendly. Use the little "mouse" to select your book and "page down" to flip through pages.  It also remembers where you last left-off and returns you to the same spot the next time you "open" your book.
  2. Easy on the eyes, reads like ink on real paper without any backlight.  So unlike a computer screen that is backlit and can strain your eyesight, you'll need a light if you read at night.
  3. Quick and convenient-- I can purchase and upload a book in less than 15 seconds. 
  4. More economical in the long run - many popular books are only $4-5.  New Releases are $9.99. There are always up-and-coming books that are free for download.  And many of the Classics are FREE!
  5. I've been able to read more books in 2 months then I read all of last year.
  6. It travels well... even internationally!
  7. It's light and easier to carry and hold than a paperback or newspaper.  Oh, did I mention that besides books, you can also read periodicals, some blogs and pdf files? 
  8. Free book downloads in the U.S. (international downloads are $1.50/book) and free book samples if you're undecided.  You just need to be in an area with wireless connectivity.
  9. Long battery life-- very key. I usually charge my Kindle once a week-- Not too bad since when I'm not reading a book, it usually sits in "sleep" mode.
  10. Holds up to 1,500 books!!  Which ultimately means less clutter in my house since I can't seem to ever part with my books.
So, if I've convinced you that you can't possibly live without a Kindle {ha ha!}, you'll definitely want to also purchase a case to protect it from the elements-- or in my case, sticky fingers belonging to curious little boys.  I went with the Leather Cover.  I'm also thinking about purchasing a Clip-on Reading Light for those nights when Smarty Pants sneaks into our bed... which lately has been EVERY night!