Sunday, February 28, 2010

Good Food - Chasing Rainbows

Rainbows are hard to come by in Southern California.  It's either bone dry or, when rain does decide to pay a visit, the sky is blanketed in a solid gray sheet of neverending clouds.  Smarty Pants hasn't seen a real, live rainbow yet and talks about it constantly every time it rains.  A few weeks back, when we were blessed with cumulous clouds and simultaneous sunshine and showers, we drove to the highest point in our neighborhood in our quest to find an elusive rainbow with a pot of gold at the end-- Smarty Pants is adamant that every rainbow HAS TO HAVE a pot of gold.  Unfortunately, no rainbows or leprechauns that day, so we continue to wait.

I came across this idea in my latest Family Fun mag and thought it'd be a great snack idea for Smarty Pant's preschool class.  He was thrilled and the teachers were happy that it was a healthy snack--

And with mini carrot cake muffin "clouds".  I was in a hurry, so no time to style the photoshoot --

This would work for a St. Patty's Day snack too.  Family Fun used marshmallows for the clouds and bananas in a ramekin for the "pot of gold".  Unfortunately, this great idea wasn't posted on their website, but here are some other St. Patrick's Day ideas.