Saturday, February 27, 2010

Just for Fun - Good Shoes: Merrell, Born & Ecco

Like most ladies, I love shoes.  However, after my left foot had a freak encounter with a tempered-glass butter dish--shudder... which severed a tendon and put a quarter-size hole in my foot... shudder...when Happy Vee was just 3 weeks old... shudder...which required 2 surgeries...shudder...and months of crutches and physical torture therapy... shudder... and serious nerve damage...okay, that's all-- I now have a true appreciation for GOOD SHOES. 

GOOD SHOES = Well-made, comfortable and stylish footwear that I can jump around in...that doesn't look orthopaedic or resemble sneakers

You heard me NO SNEAKERS!  I need to be able to keep up with the kids, but that doesn't mean I want to feel dowdy or look shorter than I already am.  I actually own one pair of sneakers, and that's for the imaginary gym that I work out at  (oops, did I actually just write that?).  I meant to say that they're my workout shoes {ha ha!}

So here are some recent finds from Merrell, Born and Ecco.  By the way, some quality shoes can be a bit spendy... But if you 1) Shop online (suchas Shoebuy, Piperlime, Amazon); 2)  Utilize a cashback website (suchas Ebates or Bing); 3) Google coupon/promo codes (retailmenot, coupon mountain, etc) and/or are patient enough to wait for the sales-- You don't have to pay retail.  


I love these shoes-- so comfy and cute with jeans (my daily uniform). And yes, I can even jump around in them without breaking my ankles. BTW, I bought these on sale. With an extra 25% off coupon code and Ebates cashback, I only paid $45.

Merrell Petunia is pretty cute with the strap

Born Lovely Flat, Nordstrom exclusive
If you like flats but need some arch support, then this is the shoe for you. It's seriously like walking on air.

Born Raquel Mary Jane Clog, Nordstrom exclusive
These are my "running out the door to drop-off or pick-up Smarty Pants from school" shoes. Easy to quickly slip on and very comfy with a little height.

Ecco Bouillon with Buckle
Ruby slippers always catch my eye...

Merrell Larkspur
If I lived in a colder climate, I'd have considered these boots for the winter. Not sure about the top detail though... although the wedge heel looks pretty comfy, yet modern. I think I'll keep an eye on these during the end-of-season sales.

Merrell Spire Peak
Or maybe these ones with a lower heel.


And since spring/summer is around the corner... So many possibilities!

Okay, I probably wouldn't jump around in the park with these, but I'm sure they're more comfy than the average high-heeled sandal

Gladiator-esque, without being annoying

Has a baseball feel to it... gotta love that!

Ooh, covered toe...Perfect for those neglected pedi days.