Monday, February 22, 2010

Kitchen Islands that - Pop!

Before remodeling our kitchen, I surfed the web for some inspiration.  I was specifically looking for kitchens where the center island was a different style and color than the rest of the cabinetry--  In other words, kitchen islands that really stand out and {pop} like a custom furniture piece. Here are a few that caught my eye ~

I like the contrast between the center island and the rest of the cabinets.  I'm also loving the open cabinet display. The shelving next to the cooktop (I'm guessing spice rack?) is a smart idea for a cook's kitchen.

Not sure if anyone actually cooks in this kitchen, but it sure is beautiful!

Bright and lively green... love it!

The wood countertop is beautiful and I'm loving those pendant lights!

I like how the countertop on the island really ties in the color of the cabinetry.

Who says an island needs to be square or rectangle? 

The faux finished cabinets nicely compliment the center island.

There's a thread on GardenWeb devoted to this fabulous kitchen, but alas I didn't bookmark the link... needle in the haystack.

I love the contrast of the french blue island against the satin black cabinets.

Very elegant but not fussy.  The subway tile behind the cooktop is a nice touch.

There are some beautiful kitchens out there.  I don't know if all of them have seen the backside of a frying pan {gasp!}, but it's certainly nice to look at eye-candy every now and then.

p.s. I try to give credit for all the photos I post, but I couldn't find all the links.  If you see something where credit is due, please holler out!