Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year ~ Happy Valentine's Day ~ Happy President's Day

Kong Hei Fat Choi
{Happy New Year}

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Hmmm... I was hoping for a year of healing, not more drama.  Maybe next year-- Because really... how dramatic can the Year of the Rabbit be?  Until then, my fellow pigs and I shall remain wary, guarded and careful... yeesh, how fun. At least August thru December looks promising.  But on a happier note, isn't that a cute picture of Smarty Pants in a changsan?  He was just 18 months old... I especially love the ponytail that came with the cap {ha ha!}.  I need to get some pictures of Happy Vee in the outfit too... although there's no chance that the cap will fit-- Gotta love the large noggin.


Happy Valentine's Day!!

I found this mosaic heart creation just in time for V-Day. Remember when mosaics where "in"?  I won't even say when that was because then I'd be dating myself {snicker}. It was actually pretty fun breaking old dishes and ceramic tile... although my neighbors probably thought I was crazy!  I unearthed this from a box marked "art" (I use the word "art" loosely) that was left unopened and forgotten at our old house.  Hmmm.... I think I may find a space for this in the craft/mud room.


Since it's also President's Day Weekend and we're on the go, we're celebrating Valentine's Day with the kids {let's just sigh in unison}.  Sigh.  Which is also the anniversary of our engagement 7 years ago.  Sigh.  I love the munchkins, but we haven't had a "date night" in a long time.  Which is why I'm so thrilled with The Mister's valentine's gift-- Tickets to the BLACK EYED PEAS at the Staples Center!!! So we'll have our Valentine's Day celebration next month.  Yay!!!  Anyhow, if you're able, please have a nice, romantic day with your significant other and have a fabulous weekend!