Sunday, March 7, 2010

Before & After - Dining Room

I finally have more pictures to post of the new house.  Truth be told, we were 90% of the way there and I kinda lost focus... But I'm back on track and ready to finish "settling in". Go me! 

Of all the rooms, the dining and living rooms were the easiest to pull together since no major renovations needed to be done.  I'm also really happy that, with a little creative maneuvering, our existing furniture and decor fit nicely into the space.  I'll share our living room once the custom shutters are installed-- hopefully by next month.



previous owner's belongings


Nekkid view~

The most noticeable difference is the addition of baseboards and crown moulding. To give the coffered ceiling more visual impact, we had the crown moulding "built-up" (using 2 pieces of crown) and continued the paint to cover the ceiling around the coffered area. In doing so, additional crown moulding around the outer perimeter of the room wasn't necessary-- a nice savings. 

And furnished~

looking in from the foyer

a view of the french doors
(need to remind The Mister to hang the tapestry on that blank wall!)

close-up of the roman shades on the french doors

The addition of the area rug, roman shades and wall hangings really warm up the room. We found it odd that the dining room would have recessed lighting instead of a chandelier fixture.  We'll probably put in a chandelier in the future, but in the meantime, we decided to have a dimmer switch installed.  We also decided to cover most of the bamboo floor with a large area rug. The floor was a bit scratched up, and honestly, the tropical/modern feel of the bamboo doesn't really match with the rest of the tuscan-inspired house.  My motto: If ya don't love it, cover it! {seriously!}

paint {nomadic taupe - dunn edwards}
area rug {nourison 2000 collection)


So we're finally getting there.  The electricians were here today installing wiring for ceiling lights and fans.  I'm so excited because we seriously have been living in the dark!  We still need to pick out pendant lighting for above our kitchen island, a ceiling light for the family room, and are highly anticipating the arrival of our new window treatment. You don't really appreciate window treatment until you live in a place where you can't open any of the blinds!   Once the lighting and window treatment is in, I'll be posting more {before and after} photos of the rest of the house.

Have a great week!