Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Decorating Easter Eggs - Washi Tape, Part Deux

I'm back with more Easter Eggs decorated with Washi Tape... See, I wasn't kidding about needing a washi-intervention!  For more details, see PART ONE.

materials needed:
washi tape
ceramic eggs
double-sided adhesive paper (optional)
black vinyl (optional)
decorative paper punch (optional)

Patchwork inspired eggs--

To speed up the process, cut out square & rectangle shapes beforehand and stick the corners to something glass or plastic.

Chalkboard inspired egg--

Use black vinyl for the chalkboard effect.  BTW, it bothered me that the vinyl was hard to smooth out on the egg's uneven surface... so this egg is a one and only.

A monogram egg with "fancy-cut" washi--

Use a paper punch to add detail to the washi tape.  Place tape on vellum before cutting with the punch. Pull tape off vellum as you need it-- if you take it off all at once it gets a little unruly.  I used a rub-on decal for the monogram, a sticker would also work.

Eggs using 8 mm tape--

quick and easy way to decorate

Eggs using washi tape and decorative paper--

Place decorative paper face-up on a double-sided adhesive sheet. I drew a design on the back and cut it out.  I also used a decorative paper punch for the smaller details

Washi Eggs Galore--

For more ideas, check out Washi Tape, Part I

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