Thursday, March 11, 2010

Reminiscing - Monkey Party

How can it be mid-March already?  Seriously, time just needs to s.l.o.w. down.  Smarty Pants is going to be FOUR in a couple of months {what?!}.  How did that happen so fast?  I look at him these days and he's no longer a cherubic little boy, but not quite a big boy either {phew!}.  There have been a lot of big changes this past year-- a budding imagination, bigger words, more complex thoughts, lots more whining and defiance... But the biggest change has been the constant "mommy, mommy, mommy" mantra being replaced by "daddy, daddy, daddy"-- Daddy rocks his world!

The party planning has already begun... in my head.  I'm thinking Legos.  Lego Racers, perhaps. I really need to get on it.


But instead of "getting on it", I thought I'd share some photos from his 2nd Birthday--  Smarty Pant's  Monkey Party.  I was about 15 months pregnant at the time (at least I felt that way since Happy Vee was transverse breech and it looked and felt like I was carrying multiples), so party planning was kept to a minimum.  We held the party at a kid's activity center that took care of everything.  Best decision I've ever made!

The Invite~

The Setting~

The party room ~ cute, huh!

giant play structure - the perfect place for a bunch of little monkeys to "hang around".

Smarty Monkey playing golf...

and sliding...

and playing in a... refrigerator?

Favor Bags for the Kids~

the bags were filled with all things monkey-- curious george goodies, ty monkeys, sling monkeys, banana chips, banana granola bars, even banana lotion for the older girls.

Party Favors for the Adults~

mini loaves of banana & chocolate banana bread

The Cake~

Curious George was Smarty Pant's favorite show.  I think we watched every episode at least 10 times each!  Aah, memories...