Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Craft Room Update

Look what got built on Sunday!

Expedit, how I love thee. And it only took the entire length of the Academy Awards broadcast to assemble... a mere 4 hours. Hey, that's short by Ikea standards {ha ha}.

Since this is my *Girly* room, I'm thinking of going bold & bright with the decor-- peacock blue, coral, red and yellow to compliment the sea glass green walls.  Something like this color palette~


And speaking of the Academy Awards (okay, that was a stretch), but am I the only one who thought that SJP's hair was strange?  Part elegant updo, part mini frizzy comb-over.  I often accidentally achieve this look by pulling my hair back in a bun, then pulling a sweatshirt off over my head. Case in point--


Even MB seems to be transfixed by the frizzies. At first, I naively thought that maybe she was in a hurry to get to the stage and didn't have time to do a last minute "primp" in the green room.  And by the way, those bright stage lights did nothing but highlight every gravity-defying strand.  But then I saw JLo sporting a similar style, so obviously the fashionistas are onto something.  Hey, if messy hair is "in", who am I to object?