Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Reminiscing - Beautiful Vancouver BC

With images of the Winter Olympics floating in my head and an upcoming trip planned for this spring, I've had Vancouver on my mind.  I was able to dig up some old pictures from our last trip there in 2005. Boy has time flown by, and boy has technology changed!  The photos were taken on my 1st generation digital camera which is now either in a landfill or buried in a box, within a box, within a box in our garage.  Probably the latter since The Mister doesn't seem to part easily with anything electronic.  Looking at the photos has been a nice trip down memory lane-- Our last trip was pre-kids so I'm sure our upcoming Vancouver adventure will be an entirely different and unique experience.

It'll be interesting to see if we'll be able to notice any of the "changes" to the city since hosting the Olympics. Five years ago, the joke amongst the city's residents was that the city's mascot should be the "crane" since there were so many cranes (mechanical ones that is) in the skyline as they prepared for "The Games".   It's such an amazingly beautiful and livable city, with shopping and good food to boot-- Mmmmm.... good food.... Now, I'm really looking forward to our trip!

New condominiums (in 2005) built right on the bank of Burrard Inlet

A seaplane coming in for landing on Burrard Inlet.

Totem poles at Stanley Park

View of Vancouver from the District of North Vancouver, across the Burrard Inlet

The Steam Clock in Gastown, the historic district of Vancouver.

Vancouver's Harbour Front

Butchart Gardens, Victoria BC - Just a 2.5 hour drive and ferry ride from Vancouver.

Does this photo look familiar?  Butchart Gardens really is heaven on earth.

Japanese Garden at Butchart Gardens

A tree, is a tree, is a tree...  Yeah, I know-- I'm no Gertrude Stein.

We walked from our hotel on Hastings Street in downtown to Granville Island Public Market-- A nice 1 hour stroll.  It was scenic and a great way to work off all those wonderful meals we were happily indulging in.

View of waterfront condos from Granville Bridge

View from the Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Hotel.  A nice hotel with prime location-- within easy walking distance from the beautifully scenic Burrard Inlet and the wonderful shopping and dining on Robson Street.