Monday, March 15, 2010

How to {Dress} Palladium Windows

I've been trying to figure out the best way to treat Palladium (aka arched) Windows for a while now.  The last 3 homes that I've lived in have had palladium windows in some shape or form.  So I've been collecting window treatment ideas for over a decade because, for some reason, trying to figure out how to {dress} these windows always befuddles my mind.  I think I actually groaned when I saw that our living room has three palladium windows to address. The two most popular choices seem to be~ 1) "ignore" or downplay the arch and 2) cover and accentuate the arch. 

In our last house, we chose to ignore the arch.  This time around, we're going to embrace the arch with custom shutters. 

Here are some "ignore the arch" inspirations~

Wow, 3 palladium doors... I think they did a great job.  I especially love the dark trim and the large mirror that reflects the curve of the doors.

What beautifully tall windows and I love how the panels from crown to floor accentuate the height even more.

Wood blinds for privacy and panels to soften the look.

I like how the curtain rods are hung from the ceiling and how they seamlessly connect at the corner.  It really elongates and makes the room more elegant without being fussy.

This is how we "dressed" the 3 arches at our last home.  Not my favorite treatment since it takes away the height of the window/door-- but since these were in our bonus room, I chose to live with it.  Also, not good from a lighting perspective... especially if this is your bedroom and you want to sleep in on the weekends.

And here are some "embrace the arch" inspirations~

My favorite look of the bunch.  I wish my house had functional outside shutters.

This look achieved with a flexible curtain rod.

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