Friday, June 25, 2010

Belated Father's Day

Oops, just a little late with my Father's Day post. We were out of town visiting my folks last weekend and I completely forgot. Scary that it took almost a week before I remembered... Brain yoga... I seriously need brain yoga!

My Inlaws were out of town over Father's Day, living it up in Vegas, so we headed south and had a nice relaxing visit with my parents. The Mister and my dad snuck in naps while the boys had a great time playing with Grandma.  They also managed to put fingerprints and shoe marks all over the newly painted walls, new windows, new doors, new window treatment and new tile & hard wood floors. I get the fingerprints, but shoe prints on the walls??  My energetic little Happy Vee was running around the house banging on the walls with his dirty little shoes... thank gawd for Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  Luckily my parent's aren't too anal about stuff like that! They did a great job with the house... I still don't know how they did the remodel and still managed to maintain their extensive travel schedule.

The highlight of the weekend was when a swarm of bees decided to make a hive in my parent's camelia tree. We were outside playing, then went inside to wash our hands. When we came back out I thought I saw bubbles in the backyard... turns out it wasn't bubbles but a swarm of bees-- hundreds of bees.  Did you know that hundreds of bees are very noisy?   A loud buzzing drone filled the air.

This is what we saw--

My parent's garden

camelia bush

a little closer

even closer... ooh, now I'm itchy!

Luckily they were a calm bunch and didn't react to my dad's bee removal methods-- water and heat.  Yeah, I know... dangerous.  I would've just called an exterminator. I don't mess around with bees and their hives. But he didn't want them to be killed, so the water and heat just persuaded them to move somewhere else (so now another neighbor has to deal with them).  Poor bees. But my parents like to garden and spend a lot of time in their backyard, so a beehive in close proximity just won't do.

So anyhow... back to Father's Day...  The men got spoiled with some R&R and presents (this awesome travel book for my dad and 2 seasons of "24" for The Mister).  They also got gifted with their 2nd annual Daddy & Papa photos.  Here's how The Mister's photo frame turned out--

and compared to last year's photos--

My how they've grown!  (And my how my photography has improved!)