Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Trend - Super Bowl Cuts

Did you know that Bowl Cuts are coming back in style?  You remember... the hairstyle that looks like an upside-down bowl and the bangs blend right into the rest of the hair?

Even some of the "style mavens" have been spotted sporting bowls:

Is it me, or does she change her hairstyle every 5 minutes?

Heidi Klum
I think she's channeling "Sabrina" aka Kate Jackson during her Charlie's Angels years.

Justin Bieber
Good grief, how old is he?  Twelve?  He looks too young to be a teeny bopper idol.  I know, I'm getting old!

Of course, the trend started many years ago... 

Famous Bowl Cuts Throughout History:

Julius Caesar
First recorded bowl cut

Moe Howard
Probably the most famous bowl and my favorite Stooge

The Beatles
Aw, look how young and cute they were!  I kinda get what my mom was talking about.
Ringo's really rockin' his!

Spock aka Leonard Nimoy
The hair's great, but the ears and eyebrows are spectacular!

Jim Carrey
The Dumb & Dumber bowl cut;  A very mischievous hairdo.

And never one to miss out on a trend, here's Happy Vee sporting a rather smart looking bowl cut--

The hairdresser must be up on her trends because one moment he had a regular little boy cut, then I turned around for a moment-- snip, snip--  and when I turned back... TRENDSETTER! 

It actually fits his personality well... he's a mischievous little character!