Monday, June 7, 2010

Having a Ball!

Sorry about the lame title... sometimes you just have to roll with it! 

So here's the ish:  My mantel still has Easter Eggs on it. See, look...

I've been wanting to put them away for a while, but don't have anything to take their place... so Easter lives on in my house.  Not a bad thing but, as Tom Petty sometimes sings "it's time to move on."

I'm liking the glass display vases, so those will stay (or maybe I'll upgrade if I can find some pretty apothecary vases on the cheap). But the mantel is screaming for something new; something fresh; something non-egg.

Then I saw these cute porcelain alphabet balls at Pier One and I couldn't get them out of my mind.

Of course I'd have to get the entire alphabet and all the numbers, but at $2.50 a piece... way too expensive and anything that is round, rolls and is breakable is not a good fit for my home (small boys + glass balls = balls being thrown + screaming mama).

So I went home and googled, then googled again and again until I came upon a tutorial using wood balls, spray paint and lettered stamps.  Eureka, I have found it!  Okay, it wasn't that dramatic, but nonetheless, I was pretty excited.

It took a couple of months for me to collect all the supplies (I tend to get amnesia every time I step into a craft store) and another month to find time to do it.  Here's a little peek:

I'm not quite done (playing ball).  I have a few more sphere-related ideas that I'd like to try out.  I'll be back soon with more!