Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lyrical Spherical

I know, weird title... but it sounds better than "Music Balls".

I'm working at a snail's pace, but I finally finished the alphabet spheres (okay, fine... balls) and then pulled out some vintage music sheets to cover the rest.  I don't know if it's actually vintage, but it's one of my piano books from when I was a kid and the pages are yellowed... so yes, vintage!  And don't worry, no good music was destroyed.  I purposely picked a much-hated finger exercise book that one of my dictator (ahem, really sweet) piano teachers would make me play for hours on end.  {side note} Did I ever mention that I have tendencies to overexaggerate when it comes to things I don't like?  Oh... Well, now you know.  I'm sentimental, but let's just say that I had no problem pulling pages out of that book.

To cover the balls, I used a similar technique used for japanese washi eggs... without the level of detail.  I didn't cut out a "picket fence" and make them perfect... maybe if I were selling these, but a few wrinkles and imperfections are fine for what I have planned.

And here's a peek at the lyrical sphericals...

Hopefully I will be done with this project by Friday... I'm tired of chasing balls.  Happy Vee loves balls and keeps grabbing them off the table and throwing them all over the place.  Such a little boy...