Sunday, November 4, 2012

[Make] Muslin Tree

This year I've decided to add some natural elements to my Christmas decor.  I've spent the last couple of years transitioning from a burgundy & gold theme to silver & white.  However, I'm finding that the silver & white is looking a little flat. Since I love natural elements and use a lot of it in my everyday decor, I decided to add some natural tones to my Christmas decorations-- Bring on the muslin, twine, shells, and burlap!

First up is a Muslin Tree--

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How to Make a Muslin Tree

materials needed:
papier mache cone (or construct one out of a cereal box)
1/4 yard of muslin
hot glue gun
sharp scissors

1. 6-inch papier mache cone
2. burlap cut into 1.5 inch squares
3. fold squares at an off-center angle. place a small dot of hot glue in the center, close to the fold.
4. fold at a 45 degree angle and press down.
5. starting at the top of the cone, start gluing down pieces. put a dollop of glue on the folded point and press into cone.
6. continue folding and gluing until you reach the bottom of the cone.

Ta-Dah... a Muslin Tree!

Coming up... An Easy and Elegant version of this tree.  Stay tuned!