Friday, November 23, 2012

[Make] Stamped Burlap Trees

Raise your hand if you saw this one coming.  I'm finding that if I like something in ornament form, that I also need to make one in tree form, and vice-versa.  Come Easter I'll probably make one in egg form too. (??!!)  So bear with me....

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Stamped Burlap Tree Tutorial

materials needed:
cone form, I used papier mache
sharpie pen
glue, I used aleene's tacky glue
small alphabet stamps
other decorative stamps, make sure that the design is simple or it'll be lost on the textured burlap.
permanent ink stamp pad, I used StazOn in jet black

Here's how to cover your cone form with material if you want a "pieced-together" look with seams showing.  I think it gives a nice dimension to the burlap without detracting from the stamps.

If you want to cover the cone with **one sheet of material**, you'll need to line up the cone to the edge of the fabric and leave about an inch extra of material.  This will ensure that the material also covers the tip of the cone.   

Now, back to my "pieced-together" instructions--

1. mark the base of your cone with a pen.
2. lay the cone on the burlap and, starting at the pen mark...
3. rotate the cone while tracing the bottom edge onto the burlap (make sure the tip stays in one place). stop after one full rotation.
4. mark the burlap at the tip of the cone.
5. use a ruler to draw a line from the mark at the base to the mark at the tip.
6. repeat for the other side.  you should have a triangular shape with a curved bottom.
7. since i wanted some seams show, I cut my "triangle" in half at an angle. 
8. i glued this piece of burlap onto the center part of the cone and trimmed it so that the ends met up perfectly.
9.using burlap scraps, i then covered the top and bottom of the cone.  once glued down, i trimmed each piece so that the edges fit together smoothly.
10. the burlap-covered cone.

After the glue dries, it's time to add the stamps--

words always look nice... 

for decorative stamps, you'll want to pick simple designs as the detail will get lost in the burlap's texture.  i had a pretty christmas bow stamp that I wanted to use, but it ended up looking like a blob.  although this stamp has some detail, you can tell what it is from a distance.

if you're wondering, this stamp is from stampin' up circa 1995.  yikes!  glad to finally use it!

I may not be a very good stamper and scrapbooker, but I enjoyed stamping burlap.  I have another stamped burlap project in mind... We'll see if I have time!  

Are you doing the Black Friday thing?  I hate crowds so if I do anything, it'll probably be online.  We'll see.  Have a wonderful looooong weekend!