Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

The turkey has taken over the oven and is blocking traffic.  
All I got to say is... 
he better get out of the way and occupy my dining room table NOW 
or else... or else... 
I'm going to sic the sweet potatoes on him...  

Ah yah... I need a nap!

[free printable via freaking craft]

All kidding aside, if you're celebrating today, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Are you cooking this year? Since my sister-in-law is doing the turkey (yahoo!), I'm doing the sides & one dessert. Here's what's on our menu this year...

proscuitto asparagus straws (my aunt)
turkey & gravy (my SIL)
ham (my mom)
sweet potatoes
creamed spinach
mashed potatoes
bread & celery stuffing w/ portuguese sausage
cranberry spinach salad
corn bread (my aunt)
pumpkin pie (my mom)
meyer lemon tart
vanilla ice cream (trader joes)

Since we're having an early lunch, I did as much prep as I could last night.  It really helped keep the anxiety down and now I can enjoy the day and focus on the best part of Thanksgiving-- spending precious time with my favorite people.  

Have a lovely day!