Sunday, November 13, 2011

[Make] Book Page Roses

This little flower came about because the wild rabbits ate all of the roses in our garden. Okay, well maybe not ALL of them, but the presentable ones?  Bunny food.  Gourmet bunny food at that, they always go for the pretty lavender (silver?) ones.  Must be delish.

Anyhow, our classroom parent had sent out an email asking each child to make a birthday card for our teacher and to bring in a single flower.  Smarty Pants card was done days ahead of time but, of course, I didn't figure out the bunny/flower debacle until the night before her birthday.   Besides sneaking into our neighbors backyard with garden shears in the dead of night... what's a desperate mom to do?  

Why we search our favorite blogs for something flowery, something fun, something EASY! 

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So that's how I came upon this lovely Paper Rose Corsage Tutorial by Oh Happy Day!

I changed it up a little by making a single stem instead of a corsage and by using book pages-- I'm still a sucker for book page projects.

Actually I used a pamphlet for the petals (still have a hard time cutting up books), tacky glue, a leftover silk leaf (originally a hydrangea leaf that I trimmed to size), and floral wire & floral tape for the stem.

The learning curve wasn't too steep and I had myself a pretty little stem in next to no time.  

just don't look too closely at the words... it's from a children's swimming manual and i accidentally included the part about urine output... oops!

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