Monday, November 21, 2011

[Oh Christmas Tree Series] Ombre Satin Ribbon Tree

Part 3 of 4

Lately I've been enamored with pretty grays,  ombre and silky satin.  This tree is the result of that mash-up.  If ombre or this color scheme is not for you, this would also be very pretty in a solid color... perhaps an emerald green?  My only suggestion is to use good quality double-sided satin ribbon, it really makes a difference.

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Satin Ruffle Tree Tutorial

supplies needed:
1 12-inch styrofoam cone
hot glue gun
~1.5 inch double sided satin ribbon~
9 yards (pewter) for bottom row
8 yards (silver) for middle row
5 yards (cream) for top row

cover the styrofoam tree with satin ribbon.
tack it down with hot glue
each section is 4 inches high
if you're making an ombre tree, this is a good guide for keeping each section evenly distributed.

then the fun begins...
starting at the base of the tree, 
tack down one end of the ribbon and make a simple loop and glue it down,
push in the middle of the loop and use a little glue to hold it down,
 then make another loop and keep going.

make your way around the circumference of the tree.
there's no right or wrong, but the looser and less structured the better

for the top of the tree...  put a loop at the top to give the tree some height and a nice finish.

here's my round-up of trees thus far.  i'm working on a couple more and will share the entire display when we're closer to christmas!

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pearl tree click [HERE]
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ruffled felt tree click [HERE]

More Christmas decor coming up!

edited to add...

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