Thursday, November 10, 2011

[Make] Window Ledge Plant Mat

Our kitchen window ledge has seen better days... After serving as a plant stand this summer, the paint came off when I decided to rearrange the pots.  Oops, my bad!

pretty unsightly, but since I don't have the correct paint color, I decided to go with the "cover & hide" method instead.

I used the same technique as this river rock placemat, with a few alterations...

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to make the mat sturdy, i cut out a piece of craft foam to size and covered it with shelf liner

then i drew my chevron design (meh, looks like charlie brown's shirt)

the "chevron" would've had more impact if this were another shape... say a square.
but charlie brown's stripe will just have to do!

what looks like cream colored stone is actually crushed seashells

Not too bad for a quick cover-up.  Now I just need to re-pot the rest of the succulents (and replace the ones that are on their last legs... poor guys!)